Mobilizing Support-Appeal to the National & International Community

Amidst the spread of Covid-19, the infectious disease and the nationwide lock down we are submitting this appeal to your good self with the hope and anticipation of mobilizing support for the poor, suffering Irular people of GVS operational area.

Gramiya Valarchi Sangam, shortly known as GVS, is a registered 82/1986, non-profit, voluntary organization, functioning in Kancheepuram district since its inception in the year 1986. The organization has been working among the Irular tribals of Uthiramerur and Madhuranthagam Blocks in Kancheepuram district currently Chengalpet and Kancheepuram districts, focusing on empowering the children and women. The Irular community is illiterate and they continue to be ignorant of the epidemic that is currently haunting the nation and the universe.

The spread of the Pandemic Covid-19 the infectious disease which cause respiratory infections ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and leads to death, has lead to the curfew all over the country. Even though India is taking firm steps in preventing the disease, the poor rural people in our area, particularly the Irular tribal community and rural dalit community are not aware of the danger of the disease which may lead to loss of lives among them.

The curfew enforced has caused shutdown and these poor people are left without food and without any source of livelihood. They have nothing to eat and do not have any means to look for survival. Already malnourished families particularly the infants, children and aged people are already facing the adverse effect of not having food.

They have no opportunity for getting information and hence have misinformation about the infection and the disease. They are unaware of the protective practices and do not have the knowledge of washing hands, using masks and other protective measures. They have neither money for buying nor any access of getting the protective gears.

In this regard we have identified  most vulnerable villages that are required to be supported with a kit consisting of protective measures and a home pack support with groceries and other essential items that will support them to take care of the families temporarily.

GVS is registered under tax exemption and has valid 80G (AACAG8151D/05/17-18/S-0251/80G) and we undertake that GVS will provide adequate receipt for every support received either in cash or kind and will acknowledge the support in the implementation process.

The GVS is registered under the Indian Home Ministry, FCRA number- 075820392

Contact Details:

S Vimal, Secretary

No.150, GST Road, Pukkathurai Village & Post,

Madurantakam Taluk, Chengalpattu District,

Pin- 603 308.

Mob- 9444447686, 9444440614, 8056778047


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